About Us

Our Story

Philippine Tours first started in 1983 after the owners, Wayne Alley and his Filipina partner Florence Alley, saw that the Philippines was one of the fast and growing destinations for Australians in the 1980s. Their business specialises with Philippine travels and was based originally in Walhalla Street, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria.

Their travel business proved to be successful and decided to expand, thus in 1986, Villager Pty. Ltd. was established as an umbrella company created to target specific travel market segments. The company saw the need to service the neighbourhood where it was located, which led to the birth of North Suburban Travel.

After 19 years in business, The Alleys decided to sell their travel agency in its new location at 225 Melville Road, Brunswick West. This opened an opportunity for Gigi Kalong, an employee of Philippine Tours for 12 years, to take over the business in 2002.


The takeover marked a new milestone for Kalong as the Managing Director and a new beginning for the travel agency. As the Managing Director, Kalong ushered Philippine Tours into a new level of business. Philippine Tours and the associate companies now actively promote not only Asian destinations, but all countries around the world.

After Kalong has taken over the company, Philippine Tours has topped the Philippine Airlines sales every year since 2003, became a recipient of the Abacus awards and has garnered other travel agency recognitions.

Philippine Tours carries with them the Filipino community in Australia who continues to support the business and in return, continuously supports various Filipino community activities.