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Calle Crisologo


Calle Crisologo is a popular street in Vigan that is filled with old architectural houses and structures built in the Spanish era. It’s only 500 meters in length, but the old culture, antiquity and history at its every corner won’t leave you disappointed. Walking or riding a calesa (horse-drawn rig) through the street transports you back in time. It feels amazing to still see blocks of cobblestone streets,  lined with heritage houses with their picture-perfect facade, souvenir shops and cafes. Roofs with red tiles, large wooden doors, sliding windows made of capiz and thick walls – it’s just admirable how Calle Crisologo’s Spanish colonial architecture was preserved through the years.

Calle Crisologo is named after an Ilokano politician and writer, Don Mena Crisologo. However, during the Spanish colonial era, the street was known as Calle de Escolta De Vigan. During those times, only the rich and wealthy lived there.

While Calle Crisologo is a mesmerizing site, you may want to explore other tourist sites in Vigan while you’re there.

Things to do:


The calesa ride is a must! It has several stops, including the Bantay Bell Tower, the Vigan Museum, Paburnayan (where people make clay pots), the local zoo known as Baluarte, and the Hidden Garden).

Pig out

Try authentic Ilokano and Bigueno dishes and specialties, like pinakbet with bagnet, sinanglao, poqui-poqui, Vigan longganisa and Vigan empanada – which are all delicious!


This historical alley has lots of vendors selling unique souvenirs, native goods (especially woven products and woodcrafts) and antiques.