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Coron Island


Coron is a beautiful island located in northern Palawan, which render you breathless as you see its cobalt blue waters, white sand beaches, lakes, hot springs and several Japanese shipwrecks of World War II.  It is rich in breathtaking nature and marine ecosystems.

Things to do:

Visit lakes and lagoons

Hidden among Coron’s cliffs are 13 astounding lakes – two of them, which are Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake are open to tourists. Get to see its crystal clear waters, cosseted by  limestone hills and stalagmite formations underneath them.  Kayangan Lake has been touted as the cleanest lake in Asia.

See the Dimakya Island

It boasts a beautiful white sand beach and clear turquoise waters, which serve as a home to green sea turtles and sea cows (dugong). It’s house reef is also a magnificent spot to gaze at its vibrant reef fishes, blue-spotted stingrays and rich underwater wildlife.

Snorkelling, free diving and scuba diving

Japanese shipwrecks of World War II now heavily encrusted with corals and sponges attract tourists from all over the world.