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Davao is the industrial hub of Mindanao. However, apart from the large number of shopping malls, department stores and commercial establishments, Davao still boasts many natural attractions, including the towering Mt. Apo, the nation’s highest peak; the Crocodile Park at Ma-a, where you can find the country’s largest crocodiles; the Philippine Eagle Nature Center in Malagos that provides shelter and breeding program for the Philippine Eagles.

Also, when you are in Davao, tickle your taste buds with its must-try food and native delicacies like sinuglaw, kinilaw na tuna (raw tuna salad), piniritong ikog sa bariles (deep-fried tuna fish tail)  and of course, try durian desserts! Durian is an exotic fruit that is plentiful in Davao City.

Things to do:

Mountain climbing

It is home to the Philippines’ highest summit – Mt. Apo!

Visit Nature Parks

Eden Nature Park, People’s Park, Crocodile Park, Philippine Eagle Centre, Malagos Garden Resort

Visit Museums

Stroll at Davao China Town and Pasalubong Centre

Try durian desserts (durian, shake, durian pie, durian cheesecake, durian candy and durian ice cream).